The Joys of Social Running

By Laura Cummings

Grab your running buddies!

From my previous blogs to date, you may have noticed I almost always run alone. Mostly because I haven’t found anyone who keeps the same pace as me — as I am too slow! But this year I have started running socially and have found a lot of enjoyment in this.

Three members of Contours staff out for a social Parkrun

Running with the Contours team

Some members of the Contours team branched out and have been running Parkruns and signing up for various running events up to six miles long.

This is amazing and I’m very proud to see so many of us getting into running! Some are even considering longer distances for next year up to half marathon mileage.

Running with friends can really give you the confidence boost to get out and push yourself.

What we thought

“Running with my colleagues 100% helped me progress with my running and motivated me to run.”
— Alec Phillips, Database Administrator

“As a slow runner I enjoy running with others as it gives me the motivation to achieve more than what I think I am capable of… runners have a great community spirit and it’s fun to be part of a spontaneous friendly lifestyle.”
— Victoria Butcher, Tour Operations Administrator

“Although I’m quite happy to go out on my own too, running with others definitely helps to push you a bit more.”
— Christine Saul, Head of Customer Services and Operations

The benefits of social running

What is great for me is that I’ve found running companions who run at my pace. It has really helped me get back into running after breaking numerous bones in my left foot earlier this year.

I am starting to realise that perhaps it is better to run with other people — it makes the time go quicker and it becomes more of an enjoyment than a chore to smash those miles out!

Two members of Contours staff peer through a Parkrun winners window after a successful social run Three members of Contours staff all kitted up for a social run

Trail running with a friend

In March of this year I went on my first running holiday, Hadrian’s Wall Path. I ran with my running friend Wendy and it was great to share this experience and create memories, which I am also now doing in my weekly running life. This helped my confidence in getting out on the trail also as I would have worried about running alone. Social running is a great way to help share the planning, prep and navigation.

If you are considering a running holiday, not only is it a great way to improve your ability and confidence but it is also a great adventure to share with a running companion and create memories!

See our running trails and grab your running buddies — and don’t forget to take advantage of our group discount.

Originally published 23/10/19

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