Reflecting on My Running Year - 2018

By Laura Cummings

2018 has definitely been my most successful running year to date. I have participated in various events and pushed myself further than ever before. It’s a great idea to reflect back on all you have achieved and learnt from your experiences. The last few months I have taken a step back from running to allow myself a break and to recuperate ready for another year ahead, and it has given me the chance to look back on all the amazing events I took part in.

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What I loved the most about this year is that I really pushed my style of running and took on timed, hilly, trail runs, as well as a running holiday to Wales and some trail half marathons, among others. I can now also think about what I would like to achieve next year to further my experience even more.

Festive Events

To celebrate the festive season and the end of the year, you will find numerous Christmas-themed running events all over the UK. These can be such a fun way to round off the year and are usually only short events, so there's no need to push yourself too hard in the bleak weather.

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The Parkrun events always have a Christmas-themed run on the Saturday before Christmas, which usually involves lots of people in fancy dress running a 5K in your local park; this adds so much fun, even when being overtaken by someone in an inflatable snowman costume, which happened to me last year!. You will also find races where at the end of the run you all get a free mince pie or Christmas pudding, as an extra incentive and to add the festive spirit.

If you’re really feeling brave, there are also a lot of running events scheduled for New Year’s Day! I haven’t made it to one myself, but it is a great idea to welcome in the New Year with something different!

So if you’re feeling festive, get out and find your local Christmas-themed/New Year’s Day events, and enjoy looking back and feeling proud of all the hard work you have put in this running year.

Originally published 05/12/18

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